Best New Android Games 2016 Part 1

Best New Android Games 2016 Part 1: Here is our list with the best new Android Games of 2016 for your Android smartphone or Android tablet. Watch this video to see a short demo of all the Android Games. Below is the full list of all the games in this video.

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Best New Android Games 2016 List

  1. 00:16 Tap Tycoon (by Game Hive Corporation)
  2. 01:07 Elf Defense II (by Unalis Tech)
  3. 02:02 City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon (by Sparkling Society ™)
  4. 03:01 Space Jet (by Extreme Developers)
  5. 03:58 Storm of Knight (by EYOUGAME)
  6. 04:58 Action of Mayday: Pet Heroes (by Toccata Technologies Inc)
  7. 06:16 Legend of King: Troy (by UZONE NETWORK TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD)
  8. 07:16 Legend of the Moon (by GoZipGame)
  9. 08:15 Pixel F Blade (by PixelStar)
  10. 09:19 Plants War 2 (by 4:33)
  11. 10:01 Heroic Saga (by Legendary Tale)
  12. 10:56 Crouching Dragon 3D (by MobGame PTE. LTD)
  13. 11:56 LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™:MERLOK 2.0 (by The LEGO Group)
  14. 13:24 TrainCrasher (by Softmax Co.,Ltd. )

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