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Download Homie.

Download Homie. Download from Itunes Homie is a simple app for meeting up with your friends. Use it outside for best results. When you first open the app, invite someone to follow your location. Once that person accepts the invitation, he or she will be able to bring up an arrow that points to your

Download Squishy Hoops

Download Squishy Hoops Download from Itunes When life flips you the bird, spread your wings and fight back with Squishy Hoops! Impersonate a friendly bird and guide it through dangerous hoops! Squishy Hoops is a free-as-a-bird AR arcade game. Thanks to augmented reality, a selected character will fly with you wherever you want. Your winged

Download Auto AR

Download Auto AR Download from Itunes Auto AR allows you to view vehicles in Augmented Reality. No matter where you are, inside or outdoors, a life size vehicle model will appear to be standing right before you! You can walk all the way around the model to see all the intricate parts and even see

Download iFace-Magic Selfie Camera

Download iFace-Magic Selfie Camera Download from Itunes iFace has countless interesting motion stickers,including the theme of animal,anmation,fashion,festival,3D effect and so on.From the funny emoji to glitter motion sticker. iFaceapp’s countless filters and stickers are pack with personality, and uncluttered controls let you mix them into masterpieces of selfie-expression. ============iFace’s Feature============ 1. Tons of adorable and

Download Dinos-AR

Download Dinos-AR Download from Itunes Experience a 3-D platformer like never before. Dinos AR immerses you in your gaming environment. Walk through the 3-D environment and skillfully control your Velociraptor character as it runs, jumps, locates eggs and rescues its hatchlings from nearby lurking predators. Walk around the entire game environment to analyze the best