Clipboard Actions

Download Clipboard Actions

Download Clipboard Actions

Clipboard Actions creates actions based on your clipboard and shows them in the status bar as notification.

Download Clipboard Actions

Clipboard Actions Features

* Share images / videos: Download and share images and videos with just one touch
* Jump to previous clipboard entries!
* Link Shortener: Shorten Links with with one click!
* QR Code: Copy any text and create a QR code to share it directly
* Define: Define a word right in the notification bar
* Currency Conversion: Convert any currency to any other, by using google
* Share: Any copied content can be shared by clicking on the notification
* Open Link: When detecting a link open it in the browser.
* Search: Search the copied text on google.
* Show on map: Copy an address an jump directly to the map!
* Translate: The translate action jumps right to Google translate and uses your preferred language.
* Email to: Filter email address and start to compose a new mail with the found address.
* Call: Filter a phone number and call it.

It is comparable with Clipper, Paste+ or Clip Stack, in a sense that it runs in the background and
has a very light service (consumes no battery) and reacts on copy actions.
Clipboard Actions can be combined with other Clipboard managers.

Permission: run at startup (android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED)
Explanation: We use this permission to start the service when your device starts and
we can run the background service if it is enabled.

Permission: prevent phone from sleeping (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK)
Explanation: We need this to make sure that the background service will be started and not killed while starting. But the service it self does not consume any battery.

Permission: internet
Explanation: Needed to query external resources like Wikipedia or a dictionary.