Download Augmented AR Photo Wall

Download Augmented AR Photo Wall

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The Latest ARKit App is now here! Be among the first to experience ARKit on your iPhone and iPad Today! Augmented AR Photo Wall allows you to place your own photos in your own virtual room! Supports up to 10 Virtual rooms and up to 25 Photos per room!

Create your own virtual art gallery or a romantic photo collage!

Give your friends and family a UNIQUE experience an INCREDIBLE NEW WAY to experience photos like never before!!

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Thank you!

REQUIRES: Latest iOS + ARKit Compatible Hardware

Steps to Use:
1. Choose a Photo
2. Find walls using your device camera and Position photo in 3D Virtual World using your fingers.
3. Hit the back button and enjoy your virtual photo wall! (You can continue to add more photos, up to 25 per room and up to 10 rooms!)

-Use well lit areas for the best experience
-When creating, start in the middle of the room. When restarting app or changing between rooms come back to middle point again.
-Sometimes the tracking may not be as accurate but keep trying as it will eventually work
-Make use of the scale and rotation tools
-Sometimes it is best to start over by removing all frames using the red X button

By Game Scorpion Inc.

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