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Download Homie.

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Homie is a simple app for meeting up with your friends. Use it outside for best results.

When you first open the app, invite someone to follow your location. Once that person accepts the invitation, he or she will be able to bring up an arrow that points to your current location.

If your friend also shares location with you, you can each follow the arrow pointing at the other person until you meet up.

You can revoke access for an individual user at any time, or you can easily disable location sharing temporarily for all your followers.

Homie is designed running to use a very small amount of battery power to keep your location up to date in the background. Turn on Meet Up Mode when someone is meeting up with you to improve background location accuracy on your device for 20 minutes.

The accuracy of this app depends on the GPS accuracy on your friend’s device and the GPS and compass accuracy on your device. GPS signals are much weaker inside buildings, so this app is intended for outdoor use. The compass is subject to magnetic interference, so you may notice the directional accuracy varies from time to time.

You may notice it has been a while since your friend’s location was last updated. Some reasons for this are:
– your friend’s device is in Low Power Mode
– your friend’s device is off or doesn’t have an internet connection
– your friend has force-quit the app
– your friend has uninstalled the app

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