Download Sidewalk Assassins – Augmented Reality FPS

Download Sidewalk Assassins – Augmented Reality FPS

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Sidewalk Assassins is a fast paced interactive mobile game pitting you against game generated Shadow Assassins and live opponents. You are rewarded with credits for successfully taking out a target with the potential to pick up dropped equipment, possibly new weapons or armor. This game is meant to get you moving and searching for targets. Watch out! The Shadow Assassins can appear at anytime and hunt you down. Partner up with friends and family to watch each others backs because its fast and furious. Good luck Assassins and good hunting.

Basic Game Play

A character user name and password is all that is required to register and begin playing.

Once registered you may begin battling Shadow Assassins that automatically spawn periodically. They spawn at random locations near you. The idea is to move about. Move towards a Shadow to engage it one-on-one. Careful! They can be evasive and will come to you as well! Success depends on the equipment you have. It’s better to engage them one at a time and with protective armor at first. A Shadow’s code of honor demands that it equip a weapon similar to yours, same effective range – so equipping various weapons at various ranges determines a good strategy. Try it out.

Battling occurs in the augmented camera view by tapping on the targeting reticle. You’ll find your targets, Shadow and other players, by pointing your camera at their actual relative location. Tapping anywhere on the screen fires your weapon. Be sure their avatar is at the center of the targeting reticle to get a hit!

Most equipment can be purchased at the store using in game credits or acquired through drops when a target is killed. You pick up dropped equipment on the game board or map view by first tapping on the item to see details about it, then tapping the pick up button. Credits are earned and automatically added for each kill; whether it was a Shadow Assassin or another player target. The amount varies on difficulty and experience of the target.

Some weapons must be reloaded when exhausted. Only equipped items featured at the top of the equipment view can be reloaded and are used during battle. There are four equipment types; a weapon that is used for attacking, head and torso items that are armor protection, and medical items, med packs, which are used to heal yourself. Keep an eye on your health and heal during battle. Also, keep an eye on your need to reload. You don’t want to run out of ammo during battle!

In game credits can also be purchased from the Apple app store, by tapping the credits button on the top right.

You can log out, change your avatar, user name, password, vibrate and sound settings, and review the disclaimers from the profile view. You’ll also see your kill count and the list of players you’ve beat.

Good luck and have fun!

By Digital Storm Creations LLC

Download from Itunes

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