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When life flips you the bird, spread your wings and fight back with Squishy Hoops! Impersonate a friendly bird and guide it through dangerous hoops!

Squishy Hoops is a free-as-a-bird AR arcade game. Thanks to augmented reality, a selected character will fly with you wherever you want.

Your winged friend is in a life-threatening situation – sharpen your senses, set out to rescue and save it from being crushed by terrifying hoops.

Get ready for a good fly!
Combine reality with a virtual world, thanks to AR you can do it now! Play in a park, during a camping or even bungee jumping – your character will keep up with you!

Get enchanted with fantastic graphics and uniquely created sound effects.

Fall in love with 10 winged characters – Bakman, Gandaf, Inah, Kakti, Kiki, Laly, Luke, Peko, Pipi, Smart and Tart are waiting to be rescued!

Get ready for hours of amazing fun and make the best of your mobile device.

By Piotr Buczkowski

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